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Thermosiphon systems

Thermosiphon systems are predominantly used in the Mediterranean area and two versions are available:
  • Thermosiphon systems with integrated condenser in heat accumulator
  • Thermosiphon systems with separate collector and heat accumulator

Steam hammering during hot water withdrawal is avoided with temperature limits using a special vaporiser fluid.
NARVA is the only supplier of vacuum tubes which ensure a temperature limit of less than 100 oC.
These intrinsically safe thermosiphon systems are covered by several trade mark rights.

Environmental influences such as wind and low ambient temperatures have no influence on the vacuum tube yields.
Electronic control and pumps are not required. This makes the system more damage-secure and low maintenance.
  • Collectors with NARVA heat pipe vacuum tubes have a significantly higher level of efficiency compared to the flat collectors.
  • Paired with the temperature limitation, they are ideally suited to use in siphon systems.
Thermosyphon system, Italy