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References Process heat


System for solar cooling / Oberkirch Germany

  • gross area solar system 409 m²
  • number of tubes DF 2520 pieces
  • collector engle 90°/ tube 30°
  • collector orientation 5°/SSW
  • summer target temperature Solar 95°C
  • winter target temperature Solar 60°C
  • power solar system 287 kW
  • annual profit solar system 136 MWh
  • system output 43 %

The plant will be used as a solar thermal process heat for a fruit-storehouse.

Realisation of the system:

Solar district heating network in Nechlin / Germany

  • app. 119 kWp
  • 1080direct flow Power
  • 179 m²
  • pitched roof

The plant will be used as a solar district heating network.

Realization of the system:

Foto: AkoTec

System for solar cooling / Prenzlau Germany

  • app. 66,28 kWp
  • 840 direct flow power tubes
  • 137 m²
  • flat roof installation

The plant will be used for solar cooling.

Realization of the system.
Foto: AkoTec

Seawater desalination hotel Egypt

  • app. 50 kWp
  • 78,5 m²
  • 480 direct flow power Tubes
  • flat roof Installation
  • 5.000l

Seawater desalination plant

Realization of the system:
Foto: AkoTec

Solar system Telekom AG Rottweil Deutschland

This solar system supplies a considerable proportion of the operating energy for the absorption-type refrigeration system.
  • 503 m2 collector area on the roof of a workshop building
  • 62 collector arrays comprising 50 tubes (20 and 30 tube collectors combined)
  • 20 m3 of solar cylinders positioned outside alongside the workshop building
    3100 NARVA vacuum tube collectors
  • A large proportion of the fuel required for the air-conditioning and room heating can be saved
  • Considerable reduction in consumption costs and emission of pollutants
    System impresses with its heat output during the start-up phase including with cloudy skies and diffuse lighting
  • Free-rotating in the mount – collectors can be installed longwise and crosswise
  • Optimal alignment due to rotatable mount
documents Rottweil (pdf 2.4 MB)
Foto: s-power

Opening of the largest Canadian system for solar cooling in Woodstock, Canada

On 9 November, the Oxford Garden solar heating project began operation in the presence of the Minister for the Environment in Ontario, John Wilkinson and the Consul General of Germany in Toronto, Sabine Sparwasser. This project sponsored by the German Energy Agency DENA and the State of Ontario is currently the largest Canadian system for solar cooling and heating. At the Oxford Garden retirement home in Woodstock / Ontario, the environmentally-friendly heating and cooling system serves the 102 apartments.
  • Planning and implementation of the installation was carried out by the Proterra Solar company. 162 s-power collectors with a total of 3,240 NARVA vacuum tubes on the building’s flat roof are a visible sign of the CO2 free heat production process.

Technical details:
Collectors: 162 s-power DF20 2000/TPS inside with 3,240 NARVA vacuum tubes
Installed collector output: 364 KW
Collector surface area: 526.5 m²
Storage: 3,000 gal (11 m³)
Cooling system: Yazaki WFC-5 absorption chiller
Foto: s-power

Process heat extraction for painting and drying

Painting centre in Meppen, Germany

  • 134 m² solar panel surface area
  • 36 modules 20/2000 TPS inside
  • 12 modules 10/2000 TPS inside
  • two 5,000 l buffer storage units
The heat extracted is used to heat the incoming fresh air in the painting and drying chamber.
Combination oil heating/ solar heating

Start-up: March 2009
Project implementation: S-Power Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs GmbH:
and Bolin Heatex Technology GmbH:
Modules: S-Power Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs GmbH

Lackiercenter Schulte:

A detailed article was published in the 03/2009 issue of the Sonne, Wind & Wärme magazine.
You can download this article as a PDF: 
Sonne,Wind & Wärme 03/2009 (pdf 483.7 kB)
Foto: s-power