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last updated / print date: 15.05.2021
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Process heat

It is in the field of process heat that solar thermal applications with vacuum tubes reveal their real strengths.

If the heat requirements of the process are always higher than the maximum output of the solar collectors, the system benefits from the high degree of efficiency of the drect flow NARVA vacuum tubes.

If the system is dimensioned towards maximum solar fraction, then a customer-specific temperature limit can be achieved via the intrinsically save NARVA heat pipes.

In Germany companies receive subsidies of 50% of the investment costs (Bafa and KfW) when using solar thermal applications for the generation of profess heat.

The use of solar heatan energy source for process heat stands at the beginning of s steep development curve. Lees and less combined heat and power generation is  is required with the further expansion of wind and solar power plants.
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