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NARVA - light can do more

NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH + Co. KG is your specialist for fluorescent lamps "made in Germany".

With nearly 50 years of expierience in lighing business we are able to develop the perfect lamp for almost every area of application. Since 2013 we also produce the new NARVA-LED SL-T5 II at our plant near Dresden.

On our website you find extensive information about company NARVA and our products.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us with our contact form.

New product: SL-T5 short

Now available in NARVA product range

Foto SL-T5 short
The introduction of the LED as a new light source has initiated a fundamental change for the lighting industry and has a significant impact on the use of light in all areas of life. NARVA has faced the current trend in the lighting market successfully and designed the LED Linear Lens Technology Series. Using high quality components guarantees stable photometric properties, which therefore makes the SL-T5 LED lamps perfect for use in intelligent lighting systems.
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Joint agreement between NARVA Lichtquellen and KiK for efficient shop lighting

KiK Filiale
KiK is one of Germany’s leading retail clothing discounters for the whole family, and also stocks a wide range of other non-food items. The company has 2,600 branches in Germany alone, and the number is growing. Environmental protection is an important and topical issue at KiK in line with the company’s sustainable governance strategy, and the company was researching alternatives for innovative, ...
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